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Familoves Story

Founder Antony is living in most densely populated Hong Kong , contamination of air, water and the environment, bacteria and viruses are particularly serious. Antony wanted to give the family, two children and two dogs, a health and safety of the home environment, let them healthy and happy life. Unfortunately, sanitation market mainstream brand products , in result and application failed to meet his needs, even he is willing to pay more money , could not find sanitation products which will not hurt his family.

Antony knows foreign may have products for niche market, in order to provide children and pets a safe home environment, he went around looking and try a variety of products. Finally he found a high quality, safe , effective and convenient products in Singapore three years ago.

Antony hope that all parents care about their family can easily set up a secure home environment , he introduce Germ Killer to Hong Kong market, providing high-quality , non-toxic , effective and convenient products for national use .